Read Aloud Books About Monsters for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

In I Need My Monster, the main character discovers his usual under the bed monster, Gabe, has gone fishing for the week.  He talks to several other monsters, hoping to find one that can replace Gabe.  None of the other monsters are scary enough to keep him in bed, however.  Luckily, Gabe returns early because the fish scared too easily.

This book will appeal to elementary students of all ages, and best of all, Storyline Online will read it aloud to your students for you.

This fun, no prep descriptive writing activity goes along great with this book!  Students get to secretly create their own monster, and then write a description to go along with the monster.  (The scaffolding provided helps students write with greater detail and interesting word choice.)  Then, they read their descriptions to the class and see if their classsmates can figure out which monster is theirs!