Just For Fun 不: 15 Fashion Faux Pas

Lynn How

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Have any of these fashion nightmares happened to you?

There are so many wardrobe mishaps and malfunctions that can go wrong in the area of work fashion over the course of a school year!

15 Fashion Faux Pas

1. You get dressed in the dark and realise at about 11.30 am, that youve been wearing your top inside out.

2. Its got to the point in the term when if you cannot locate a matching pair of socks at home, odd ones will do.

3. Ever managed odd shoes? Ive seen it happen!

4. You have drawn on your face and dont realise until you look in the toilet mirror at 3.30.

5. No one mentioned you have something stuck in your teeth, but youve spoken to 50 people today.

6. Your husband/wife sends a package to school for you and you open it in the staffroom, only to realise that the item is not for public viewing (one from my archives he maintains that it was a mistake).

7. You try something a little different to be met with a chorus of, what on earth are you wearing sir? Brutal.

More malfunctions

8. You missed the memo and youre the only one who is not in jeans.

9. People compliment you on your hair, only to discover that the one thing you did differently was to wash it.

10. Like a rebel, you got a tattoo without consulting the school dress code and you dont care about the consequences.

11. Someone has a word with you because you dared to wear leggings.

12. Your school dress code is quite liberal, but even you are questioning your colleagues length of skirt.

13. Its 35 degrees outside and the ladies can wear skirts and sleeveless tops but you are stuck in trousers and a shirt. You may have been allowed to remove your tie

14. Your colleagues know when youre coming as the noise your shoes make gives you away (they cant hide forever).

15. You bend down and hear the dreaded noise of a huge rip in your trousers. The lesson is now a write-off as everyone is laughing so much.

Of course, the best thing to do in most of these circumstances is simply to laugh it off!

Have you had any fashion school disasters? Add them in the comments!