Free Technology for Teachers: The Common Cold Is Still Here!

If you watched the video that I published on Wednesday you can hear me beginning to lose my voice. That’s because like everyone else in my house and seemingly everyone in my neighborhood, I had a cold last week. Thankfully, none of us had COVID-19. But it was a reminder that the common cold is still around and can still make you feel crummy for a few days. 

Almost as if they were looking into our house, the producers of TED-Ed released a new video on Friday titled Why Is It So Hard to Cure the Common Cold? The video provides a concise explanation of the type of virus that causes common colds, what makes it different from COVID-19, and what makes it so hard to cure or create a vaccine against. 

On a related note, Colds, the Flu, and You is a video from SciShow Kids that explains the differences between common colds and influenza.